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Empower your community to give strategically and visualize their positive impact

Helping some of world’s most innovative companies power their giving and volunteering programs

We research causes and nonprofits for you

Bright Funds researches cause areas and develops strategic solutions so that your employees can accomplish the good they want to see in the world.

Raise awareness for nonprofits important to your company

Highlight nonprofits that your community love.

Empower your employees to give strategically

Our Flagship Funds are groups of highly impactful nonprofits that target strategic solutions to global causes.

Inspire with nonprofit impact stories

Our team shares stories from nonprofits to give people a peek into their positive impact on the world.

When a disaster strikes, support relief and recovery

Bright Funds helps you develop a strategic response when a disaster strikes.

All the features you need

Strategic giving
Company spotlight nonprofits
Nonprofit impact stories
Funds of vetted nonprofits
Nonprofit data
Disaster relief

“We want to provide our employees with the most accurate information out there to help them make informed decisions about their giving.”

Michelle Wagner, SVP, Business Operations & Integrations

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