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What our clients say

"Bright Funds allows us to facilitate employee giving and volunteer in one simple platform - and it allows us to easily track and measure the success of our community engagement efforts. Our employees love it because it is user-friendly. Brights Funds allows my team to focus on the work, rather than managing issues associated with online giving and volunteering."

Rita Nini
Community Relations Manager at Educational Testing Service (ETS)

“It is easy to search for identified organizations, discover new ones, and get matches for donations you’ve made outside the platform. I love that they process any fees, as well. Highly recommend!”

Hannah Chase
Senior Manager

DigitalOcean, a leader in the tech industry, grew their employee engagement through workplace giving.

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“One of our core values at DO is “our community is bigger than just us.” The partnership with Bright Funds allows us to live that value by helping our employees support a charitable organization in a community that has personal meaning to them. It’s a powerful statement about what we care about as a company, and an important reason that so many talented people choose to join DO and then refer their friends and colleagues to us as well.”

Matt Hoffman
VP of People

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