Continue to reflect, re-evaluate and expand your giving philosophy.

Thank you for choosing Bright Funds’ Philanthropy Toolkit to help increase your awareness about what it means to be an effective philanthropist!

In a short amount of time, you’ve identified causes, philosophies, and specific organizations to help you kickstart strategic giving. As your philanthropic journey continues to evolve, this guide can serve as a great way to reevaluate and reinforce your own personal giving philosophy. If you would like to continue your journey, Bright Funds would be thrilled to support you in your giving and help you take the leap!

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Donate through our platform which includes any registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, as well as recommended funds and causes which you can personalize.
  • Log your volunteer hours to keep track of your goals.
  • Connect with other givers to learn more and consistently challenge and strengthen your thought process.
  • Share this toolkit with your co-workers who want to give and don’t know where to start! Encourage others to access Bright Funds’ innovative and convenient platform!

For more resources to further your own philanthropic journey, we recommend checking out our library. There are some great insights and tools you can use on your path to becoming a better philanthropist.