Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software

Maximize your impact with a comprehensive CSR platform

corporate social responsibility CSR software

Engage your employees and expand your social impact

Optimize workplace giving and volunteering programs with several ways for your company to motivate, reward and amplify participation; including platform support for corporate philanthropy initiatives.

Demonstrate commitment to social impact and employee engagement

Engaging your employees with your corporate social responsibility initiatives builds a culture of caring and connectedness. Workplace giving and volunteering combined with corporate philanthropy amplifies your social good.


Purpose matters:

93% of employees today believe that companies must lead with purpose. Companies are no longer just tied to profits. They must positively impact society as well. 

employees with purpose through giving


Impact drives employee engagement:

Employees that strongly agree their organization makes a positive impact on people and planet are
2x more likely to be engaged at work than other workers. 


Higher engagement leads to better business outcomes:

Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.

engaged employees


of employees who volunteered with their companies reported an improved perception of their employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies are being held to a higher standard socially today than ever before. Consumer and investor actions show that succeeding as a business is more than just turning a profit — it’s also the commitment of a company to ignite their values and mission and amplify the passions of their employees to benefit the communities around them. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) software helps employers fulfill these commitments by facilitating the creation and management of CSR campaigns. These campaigns encourage employees and the business itself to take part in donating to good causes, volunteering in local initiatives, raising funds to support non-profit organizations, and more.

Although CSR is a business tactic that helps increase employee engagement and increase sales, the ultimate goal of corporate social responsibility is to distribute the value a company produces with their employees, shareholders, and customers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between corporations and the communities they serve.

In summary, a business’s corporate social responsibility can be broken down into four major categories:

  1. Economic responsibility is about a corporation’s commitment to making financial decisions that not only benefit company growth but also benefit the community at large. This impacts everyone from shareholders and employees of the company to customers and society as a whole. As an example, a company can choose to purchase sustainable materials as a commitment to furthering their CSR even when those materials come at a higher cost. 
  2. Environmental responsibility is a corporation’s commitment to sustainable processes, environmentally-friendly operations, and efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. This is one of the most common forms of CSR, and can range from having an recycling program on-site to pledging a percentage of donations towards tree conservation. 
  3. Ethical responsibility is the commitment to fair treatment of all parties involved with a company’s affairs (employees, customers, investors, suppliers, etc.). This can also involve the refusal to work with other companies that use exploitative labor practices. Common examples include making sure your vendors/manufacturers are using materials that are ethically sourced and paying a fair wage to employees. 
  4. Philanthropic responsibility is the company’s commitment to giving back a portion of your profits to a cause or community.  Common examples include giving direct donations to non-profit organizations, creating foundations, or sponsoring events and fundraisers.

If you’re thinking about implementing a CSR campaign, you’ll soon realize how hard it can be to keep track of every initiative, every dollar, and every potential opportunity for your employees. To help your campaign succeed, Bright Funds CSR software can:

  • Provide real-time reporting and tracking
  • Give you access to thousands of volunteer opportunities
  • Manage, track and match donations
  • Automate payroll giving
  • Manage grants, scholarships, and disaster relief programs

All with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Our team can help get your program up and running in days, not weeks – so you can start amplifying your CSR initiatives. To learn more, schedule a demo today

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“The outpouring of support and participation from our employees for in-person volunteer activities, even amidst a global pandemic, shows how critical it is to have a program like this.”

Brenton Miller, Manager, HR Programs and Culture


“We wanted to provide additional opportunities for employees to give back, even when they can’t do so in person. With Bright Funds, we now have a singular platform where people can sign up to give or volunteer, regardless of their location, while easily tailoring the experience to align with our program’s mission and values.”

Rachel Moret, Senior Specialist, HR Programs


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