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Why Purpose Chat?

Purpose Chat is a space for professionals who want to help their company and their employees do more good. We discuss topics like employee engagement, workplace giving and volunteering, general HR, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

Share your ideas, get inspiration from others, form new partnerships, engage in meaningful conversations, and find general support!

If you’re interested in bringing more purpose to the workplace, fill out our application form and an invite will be sent to your email.

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Community Guidelines


Safe, inclusive environment

We are an open, supportive, and inclusive community! As members, we all share a common goal: to help others do more good. This should be felt in our interactions with one another as well. Help other members, share knowledge, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and above all else — respect one another.

Stay on topic

Each channel serves a specific purpose. When in doubt, please see the channel description. If your post is better suited in a different channel, our Community Manager will let you know.

No self-promotion

We encourage knowledge sharing at Purpose Chat. If you have a resource, product, or service that can help solve a member’s problem, you’re fine to share it. However, we do not allow direct selling and excessive advertising.

Purpose Chat reserves the right to:

  • Remove inappropriate content: This includes posts condoning racism, sexism, violence, or bigotry towards individuals or groups. Sexually explicit content is also not tolerated.
  • Remove members who break our community guidelines

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Community Manager via direct message on Slack.


Do I have to pay to become a member?
No, our community is completely free!
Do I have to be a current client or user of Bright Funds?
Not at all! Our community is focused on bringing purpose into the workplace, regardless of the platforms and tools you use.
Are there other requirements for joining?
All we ask is that you are a professional within the HR, CSR, DE&I, or People Ops space. This helps ensure that we are building a quality community.
Can I partner with Purpose Chat?
Absolutely! Whether it’s in the form of a Q&A session, webinar, podcast, blog feature, etc. we are open to featuring you while also giving members a valuable resource.If you’re interested in collaborating, please contact our Community Manager via direct message on Slack or email marketing@brightfunds.org.

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💬 employee engagement
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💬 corporate social responsibility
💬 diversity, equity & inclusion

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