Want to Engage Millennial Employees?

Want to Engage Millennial Employees?
Want to Engage Millennial Employees?
October 23, 2019
Employee Engagement

Millennials are now the country’s largest generation and are projected to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2030. But as a generation known for job hopping, it is important to know how to attract, engage, and retain this growing segment of the workforce. For many millennials, a great workplace means more than competitive compensation and job titles-- Millennials seek to be engaged, to do meaningful work, and to make a difference. 

One significant way that companies can foster this type of culture is by developing and maintaining a robust corporate giving program that empowers employees to easily give back to the causes they care about most. In order to engage with this socially-aware generation, a corporate giving program should: 

1. Utilize Technology

Millennials grew up on the web, so they have high standards for technology. Your workplace giving technology should be well designed and user-friendly.

2. Focus on Collaboration

Millennials are peer-oriented and value communication and connection with their teammates at work.  Your workplace giving program should include ways for workers to connect and work together.  

3. Stress Innovation

Millennials are the generation of “disruption.” Work with thought leaders in the corporate giving space to generate new, creative ideas to generate and maintain interest in your workplace giving program.  

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