COVID-19: How to support nonprofits

COVID-19: How to support nonprofits
COVID-19: How to support nonprofits
April 10, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has had an immediate impact on us all, with longer term repercussions still remaining to be seen. Now more than ever, nonprofits need the continued support of individuals, employers, and communities. Bright Funds partners with companies to provide a secure, global technology platform that supports employee giving, volunteerism, and grants management, and is committed to playing a critical role in facilitating that support.

For the last 8 years, Bright Funds has been operating with a specific mission: “We exist to align each person's passion and potential with the greatest opportunities for impact.” We remain dedicated to our mission during this unprecedented time to help facilitate donor support to nonprofits who are responding to and have been impacted by the coronavirus.

We are all directly or indirectly affected by the spread of the coronavirus in both our professional and personal lives. Seeking meaningful moments of connection with the community, supporting friends, family, and colleagues, and finding creative ways to maintain our cultures of giving are more important than ever.

Please refer to this page for continued updates from Bright Funds, as we will be updating this page frequently with updated information and resources.

Giving resources

Bright Funds’ unique “Fund” model groups together nonprofits by a common cause. Individuals and employers may use the Fund model to highlight and fundraise for nonprofits amongst colleagues, friends, and family.

Bright Funds has curated a recommended list of Funds and nonprofits responding to the coronavirus outbreak in various geographies and cause areas. We will continue to update the Funds as circumstances change.

General support Fund

2020 Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund

Geographic Funds

2020 New York Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund

2020 Bay Area Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund

2020 Washington Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund

2020 Boston Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund

Silicon Valley Community Foundation Covid-19 Coronavirus Response Fund

Cause-based Funds

2020 Coronavirus Water Sanitation and Hygiene Fund

2020 Coronavirus Support for Individuals and Small Businesses Fund

2020 Coronavirus Food Access Fund

2020 Coronavirus Healthcare Fund

Coronavirus GivingTuesdayNow Fund

Volunteering resources

Most in-person volunteering activities have been canceled. We’ve seen an increase in demand and availability of virtual volunteering events, as well as increased attention toward leveraging skilled volunteers to give their skilled expertise to nonprofits who would greatly benefit.

  • Check out Bright Funds’ guide on COVID-19: How to Volunteer, providing aggregated lists of volunteering opportunities that can be attended remotely (and a few in-person opportunities as well)
  • Share virtual events that are suitable individuals and teams, consider a diverse list ranging from one-time events to ongoing opportunities.
  • For example, MakeMasks helps people sew and deliver homemade masks.
  • Local food banks and meal delivery services (like Meals on Wheels) are still reliant on volunteers to deliver food to those in need.
  • Look for local resources like California Volunteers to find local opportunities.
  • Nonprofits are looking for skilled volunteers to help them with their changing circumstances. Consider matching with nonprofits with needs for specific skills.
  • See coronavirus-related and virtual volunteering opportunities posted by nonprofits on VolunteerMatch - Bright Funds’ platform offers these VolunteerMatch opportunities directly in the platform to help individuals find opportunities.

Sources to follow

We recommend following updates from sources that provide up to date information, guides, and strategies on how to give back during this time of crisis.

About Bright Funds

At this time of global crisis, Bright Funds is making considerable investment in our platform and services to urgently support nonprofits, donors, and employers. To support the high demand for their services, Bright Funds has streamlined the process to rollout a program, enabling employers to launch a workplace giving program in as little as one day. To help address cashflow concerns from nonprofits, Bright Funds is expediting the distribution of funds to nonprofits responding to the coronavirus from monthly to as often as weekly.

Bright Fund supports a wide range of programs including:

  • Employee donations to US and international nonprofits
  • Matching gifts for employee donations
  • Special matching programs for coronavirus initiatives
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Virtual volunteering
  • Skills-based volunteering
  • Matching gifts for volunteer hours (Dollars for Doers)
  • Grants to employees’ nonprofit of choice
  • Direct corporate grants to nonprofit applicants

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