CHRO Summit: How Do Companies Embrace Millennials’ Passions?

CHRO Summit: How Do Companies Embrace Millennials’ Passions?
CHRO Summit: How Do Companies Embrace Millennials’ Passions?
April 6, 2017
Corporate Social Responsibility

The millennial workforce has high expectations. One thing that this group has become insistent on is for employers to focus more on corporate philanthropy, especially since the presidential election. So how does a company empower and support employees to do what they feel passionate about while remaining true to their company values? Over 300 HR influencers and experts recently gathered in Orlando for the CHRO Summit to discuss this and several other burning topics.

This topic definitely resonates with Bright Funds, so we were eager to hear how companies plan to solve for this. Here were two big themes discussed:

The Political Balancing Act

In this volatile political environment, companies are looking for safe, yet inviting, workplace giving opportunities for their employees. They are seeking ways to stay true to company values but also need to harness employees’ passions towards social good.

The standout panel that dove into this, featured Elise Jordan (Political Analyst/Columnist), Tom Davis (Deloitte, Frmr. U.S. House of Rep. Member), Jeffrey C. McGuiness (Moderator – CEO Emeritus HR Policy Association), and Howard Kurtz (Anchor, Media Analyst), discussed how to straddle that challenging line. And a huge conversation during this panel was how HR executives can best discern trends and formulate CSR strategies with news and ‘fake news’ swirling abound every minute of every day. It is no easy task but good rapport with their workforce is a crucial start.

Garnering Millennials’ Attention

Capturing the attention of millennials is no easy task, and employers share that struggle. Many companies provide catered meals, monthly massages, and the occasional nap pod, but millennials want more substance. The election seems to have woken the activist in many millennials and a strong CSR program is now a priority for the workplace.

Consumer-focused businesses are also looking for interesting ways to develop long-standing relationships with millennials, and many have begun to tap into the social impact approach. Whether it be politically-charged Super Bowl ads or more giving-like marketing campaigns, that shift is happening. But will this yield what companies ultimately want? That’s the billion-dollar question.

Conferences like this are rare. This was not only chock-full of great content and speakers, it also touched on so many different topics that reaffirm Bright Funds’ mission. In order to retain, attract, and grow the millennial workforce, companies must look for innovative and unique ways to channel the activism that is ruminating. Our platform gives companies the tools and data to align with both the needs of their employees and their CSR strategy. Sounds like a win-win to me.