New Power & Charitable Giving

New Power & Charitable Giving
New Power & Charitable Giving
May 31, 2017
Corporate Social Responsibility

We all see a shift in the world. There’s increasing political protest, more distrust in government and companies, and startups disrupting traditional institutions and ways of business. But this shift has not occurred without some resistance. This is a good ole fashioned battle of old power vs. new power.

Old Power

  • Controlled by an elite few and traditional establishments
  • Inaccessible to the majority
  • Controlled power

New Power

  • More powerful when more people participate
  • Technology and peer-driven
  • Channels power

The ‘new power’ movement has empowered individuals and communities, online and offline, to take a stand through marches, online petitions, and consumer purchase decisions. Many businesses are aware of this, and those that are not will likely fall behind. But something interesting is happening - ‘old power’ has caught on and is cloaking itself in the new power model. Masking as a business or institution that gives the masses a feeling of choice and control is a crafty yet conniving way to maintain authority.

Having said that, new power is still making its impact on society. A recent Cone Communications report said that 87% of U.S. consumers will make purchases based on company values. Data like that requires authentic corporate social responsibility.

How can new power drive individual philanthropy?

At Bright Funds, we have built our platform to authentically democratize volunteering and charitable giving. Our Strategic Funds provide people all over the world with choice and control in how they impact causes that matter to them. These Funds also provide a strong bridge between donors and nonprofits, giving donors 100% transparency to see how their donations are being distributed. It is innovative technology like this that will sincerely empower individuals, as well as entire companies or communities, to take the new power model and fuel social change.