3 Ways to Maximize Your Philanthropic Impact Before Year-End

3 Ways to Maximize Your Philanthropic Impact Before Year-End
3 Ways to Maximize Your Philanthropic Impact Before Year-End
December 6, 2018
Employee Giving

With the year-end giving season underway, many are thinking about ways to maximize their impact by December 31st. The holidays are also a time when people typically give more generously to the causes they care about. Wondering what you can do? Here are three proven strategies for making a positive impact this December:

1. Donating

Research shows that charitable giving by individuals increased 5.2% (3% growth when inflation-adjusted) in 2017. Additionally, Americans show their charitable spirit by giving an average of 2.6% of their income to charity each year. However, you can choose to give more or less depending on your personal preferences. Giving is a personal decision – both in terms of dollars and causes.

2. Matching Programs

There are ways to grow your donation, which in turn increases your effectiveness. Some employers have a matching donation program and will match either all or a portion of your gift. Additionally, some nonprofits have matching campaigns funded by their large donors. If your company does not have a matching donation program, consider asking about potential opportunities.

3. Volunteering

Connecting with your favorite causes directly through volunteering can provide a very meaningful experience as well as an opportunity to learn. When participating in company-organized events, it also allows for building stronger connections with coworkers outside of the office. Volunteering can be done as a one-off effort or as part of an ongoing commitment.

Billionaires are not the only ones who can make a difference. The key to maximizing your philanthropic impact is harnessing your resources – whether it be your money or time – to support causes about which you are passionate.