Keep up with the latest workplace philanthropy news and best practices. We cover everything from employee engagement to giving guides and maximizing your impact.

Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Bright Funds’ Foundational Funds. 17 Funds representing the 17 goals to move towards a world of peace and prosperity.

How can you best support the causes that matter to you most? This toolkit will provide insights on why you give, identify where to give, define how you want to give, and determine the best way to act.

New to workplace giving? Read our whitepaper on the evolving role of workplace giving programs and how it can drive both employee and external engagement.

Every organization has different goals and priorities, but sometimes an example helps! Download our sample HR policy for an employee giving and volunteering program.


Putting together a workplace giving program? This calculator will help you estimate an overall budget for your program. It includes everything from new hire credits to employee matching. 

virtual volunteers on zoom

How do you engage employees without in-person events? Get the resources and templates you need to design your virtual volunteering program for a hybrid workforce.

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