June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Looking for ways to support Pride Month in the workplace? We can help.

How to empower your employees during Pride Month:

Not sure where to start? Our team of experts can help define and launch your program in time for Pride Month.

We can also create a one-time 30-day campaign for your company. Schedule a demo to learn more today. We support companies of all sizes.

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How It Works

Pride Month Fund

See what a Pride Month Fund looks like here! Bright Funds has put together a Fund featuring nonprofits addressing the multi-faceted needs of the diverse LGBTQ+ community.

As a company, you can either use the same list of nonprofits or create your own custom Fund. Employees can support your company Fund as well as nonprofits of their choice. Real-time reporting allows you to track employee engagement, company goals, program success.

Why Pride Month Matters

Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Uprising that took place in New York on June 28, 1969. After the police raid of Stonewall Inn, activists marched in response and it is now widely considered one of the most important events leading to the gay liberation movement and twentieth-century fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States.

Today, Pride Month in June recognizes the impact and influence of the LGBTQ+ community, promoting their dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation, and awareness of the issues they face. Throughout June, celebrations all around the country take place from Pride parades to marches and festivals.
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