Netherlands Charitable Organization Verification

We will ask you a series of questions to collect important details about your organization in order to verify that your organization is a charitable organization in your country and to collect bank information to disburse donations to your organization.

Please note: This application must be completed in one sitting, and you cannot save your progress to return at a later time.

CEO, President, Executive Director, or other

Grantee Attestations

By accepting funds from Bright Funds, your organization agrees to the following statements.

1. Organization has all of the licenses and registrations that are required of it by all relevant regulatory authorities in its governing jurisdiction and is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

2. Organization does not discriminate against any person or group of people in its hiring and employment practices, codes of conduct, programs, services or in any other aspect of its operations or activities on the basis of that person or group of people's personal characteristics or attributes.

3. Organization will apply donations only to non-religious programs.

4. Organization does not support or sponsor political campaigns or candidates nor does it lobby federal, state, or local government agencies except as permitted by law.

5. Organization will not use Bright Funds donations to bribe government or public officials, unlawfully gain an advantage in political or legal proceedings, or unlawfully solicit business.

6. Organization will not identify any Bright Funds client as a donor or use a Bright Funds client’s logo or brand without prior written authorization.

7. Organization will return funds that it knows or should know are ineligible or were provided in error.

8. Organization agrees to honor, as much as possible, Bright Funds client designations for existing programs or projects at your organization.

9. Organization will not regrant Bright Funds donations.

10. Organization agrees that Bright Funds donations will not be used directly or indirectly to assist in, sponsor, or provide support for acts of terrorism or support organizations or persons listed on any restricted party list maintained by the United States government, the United Nations, the European Union, and other entities.

11. Organization agrees to maintain an up-to-date Bright Network profile, including contact information and banking information.

Payment Information

Bright Funds disburses donations via wire transfers. The below information will allow us to transfer donations to your organization. If you do not have this information or unsure you have the correct information, please contact your bank for assistance.

18-digit alphanumeric response is required.