Donation matching

Amplify your employees' impact with a company matching gift program

Bright Fund’s Workplace Giving Platform

Double your social impact with company matching gifts

Bright Funds makes it easy for your company to offer donation matching for your employees. Customize your program to fit your needs.

Helping some of world’s most innovative companies power their giving and volunteering programs

Match employee donations

Customize your donation matching program to fit your company.

Support any nonprofit​

Your employees can donate to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a growing number of organizations around the world. Providing a company match amplifies your employees’ donations, providing a greater impact to nonprofits around the world.

Keep track of your company’s social good

The real-time reporting you’ve been waiting for. Track and measure the effectiveness of your company matching program.

All the matching features you need

“That’s where Bright Funds comes in by giving everyone the chance to really make a difference through giving or volunteering.”

Brittany Wilkins, Brite Impact Manager


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