Now Introducing: Purpose Chat

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The wait is almost over! Our new Slack community Purpose Chat launches September 27th and we could not be more excited to begin connecting. Purpose Chat is a community dedicated to fostering a purpose-driven workplace where you can discuss, share, and learn about: 

  • Employee engagement: Whether your team is in the office, remote, or a hybrid environment, we discuss creative ways to keep employees engaged and find meaning in their work. 
  • Workplace giving and volunteering: If your organization is looking to implement giving and volunteering benefits policies, already has a system in place, or is just simply looking to get employees connected to social impact issues, we discuss best practices and offer solutions to help create philanthropic momentum in your organization.
  • Corporate social responsibility: According to Forbes, by 2025 around 75% of the workforce will be made up of generations that are prioritizing socially responsible employers.i In Purpose Chat it’s a priority to talk about how to develop and sustain CSR methods, and connect your organization and employees to social issues to make a greater impact.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: Pursuing diversity, equity and inclusion is vital to developing work cultures, processes and systems that honor and amplify voices from all different backgrounds. It’s another priority of ours to discuss the best ways to cultivate diverse work environments and celebrate diversity in your workplace.

Our team is working hard behind the scenes to create a space that is insightful, conversational, and fun! When you join Purpose Chat, you can:

  • Learn from one another: Q&As, webinars, virtual events, and more content only available to members of Purpose Chat!
  • Connect and expand your network with other industry experts and professionals who are passionate about doing more good.
  • Support: Have questions? Ask away! Above all else, we’re a safe, inclusive, and supportive community.
  • Inspire: We love hearing about how you’re bringing more purpose into the workplace. Let’s inspire one another!

By becoming a member of Purpose Chat and contributing to the community, you also have the opportunity to win some awesome, thoughtful giveaways!  

Join Purpose Chat today to contribute to this meaningful conversation and help your company do more good!

Sarah Hinson

Sarah Hinson

Sarah is a Marketing Coordinator at Bright Funds. She draws on nonprofit communications experience to raise awareness and increase engagement for mission driven organizations. Combining that with her passion for community development, education and corporate social responsibility, she hopes to continue to help others see their impact and get connected to a cause they care about.