Launching Bright Funds for Rippling

This week Bright Funds is happy to announce that we have launched Bright Funds for Rippling on the Rippling App Store.  Rippling lets employers effortlessly manage all key employee administrative functions like payroll, benefits, devices and applications. Rippling works directly with employers as well as through partnerships with benefits brokers and accounting firms. Rippling represents a new class of all-in-one HR and IT software administration platforms and has a sizable and growing client base as well as has received considerable interest from the investment community.

The Bright Funds mission is empower employees to support the causes that move them. We work with employers around the world, on a daily basis, to make this mission a reality.  In launching the Bright Funds for Rippling app we are making it even easier to launch and administer the Bright Funds world class giving and volunteering platform. Rippling’s reach and focus on quality of employee / employer experience makes this integration so exciting.

Employers on Rippling can install the Bright Funds application in a matter of minutes and have their employee data automatically synced with Bright Funds. With a couple of configuration settings on the Bright Funds side, employers can launch their workplace giving program and matching program. Rippling employers can benefit from the intuitive employee giving and matching programs as well as volunteering platform in Bright Funds. When employees are hired or terminated, employee records will automatically be synced in Bright Funds. All giving reports will automatically have the entire employee population included.

Bright Funds is constantly looking for ways to create an easier experience for both program administrators and employees.  With Bright Funds for Rippling, administrators from companies of all sizes can launch a workplace giving program in a day so that employees can immediately support the nonprofit causes that move them.

Bright Funds

Bright Funds