Hurricane Irma

As those affected by Hurricane Harvey begin to rebuild, another storm is making its way across the Caribbean and the Southeaster United States.  Hurricane Irma, a classified Category 5 at the time of this posting, has emerged and is poised to cause a lot of damage and loss in its path.

American National Red Cross and the Haitian Red Cross are pre-positioning themselves with responders and relief items, ready to help when possible.  In addition, volunteers and more supplies are at the ready, with evacuation shelters being identified and preparations getting underway to shelter at least 120,000 evacuees.

CARE is following the American National Red Cross as well, readying clean water, food, and emergency supplies for those in need.  With Haiti still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Matthew, CARE is currently identifying teams to mobilize to the various provinces of Haiti to assist in any way possible.

Just as we continue to do with Hurricane Harvey, we must come together to support and provide help to those who are affected by Hurricane Irma.  Bright Funds has set up a Hurricane Irma Disaster Response and Recovery Fund page, which contains our vetted organizations who are directly prepared to help in the affected areas and will also include direct updates from our friends at American National Red Cross, Direct Relief, and CARE as we receive them.

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