Fund Update: Set Goals and Get Others Involved

It’s now easier to fundraise for causes

Our Fund model lets you give to a collection of nonprofits focused on a particular cause or issue area. Funds are a key differentiator for Bright Funds, giving you the chance to be strategic about your giving. Each organization in a Fund gets an equal part of each donation to the Fund.

Bright Funds users have been raising money through Funds they create for their favorite nonprofits. There are now hundreds of Funds raising money for causes ranging from personal passions to global issues.

Introducing goals

You can now add a fundraising goal to your Fund. If you’ve already created a Fund, you can add a goal directly from the Fund page. Click ‘Add a goal’ and then ‘Edit Fund fundraisers’.

Add a goal when creating a new Fund. You’ll see the option to add a goal just like this:

When you add a goal to your Fund, you and your supporters can track the donation progress.

If you’d rather not add a goal, no worries. As the Fund creator, you’ll still be able to see how much was raised but there will be no goal shown on your Fund page.

More ways to get others involved

There’s now a shortcut to copy the Fund URL so you can easily send it off to coworkers, friends, and family. To invite coworkers directly, type their name on the right-hand side and select it from the list. An email invitation will be sent with a link to the Fund.

Easier for friends and family to donate

When someone donates to your Fund, they will now have the option to continue with a personal email.

We hope these features help you raise support for all of your causes! If you have more ideas, please get in touch. Otherwise, log in to take a look, and happy giving!

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