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Michelle Morinas

Team Bright Funds: Meet the Heroes Behind Your Impact

At Bright Funds, we aim to brighten the world by empowering people and companies to do good. Meet the superheroes behind our mission. First up is Michelle Marinas, Head of Customer Support at Bright Funds.

purpose chat

Now Introducing: Purpose Chat

The wait is almost over! Our new Slack community Purpose Chat launches September 27th and we could not be more excited to begin connecting. Purpose

Bright Funds Q1 Giving Report

The Bright Funds platform has constant activity, from users all over the world. With that usage comes a wealth of data, which is the core our Q1 Giving Report.

Cocktails For A Cause

A few of us attended the Shared Value Summit last week, and we wanted to connect with as many of the great attendees as possible. So we partnered with Oxfam, a valued Bright Funds partner, to host our second Cocktails For A Cause Event.