7 Leadership Lessons to Wrap Up 2021

We recently completed a merger with WizeHive, and I couldn’t be more excited about what that means for the next chapter of our journey. As CEO of Bright Funds, I was able to wear various hats including leadership, HR, legal, operations, client services, product development and more. Working at a smaller organization gives you this kind of unique opportunity to expand your experience. And now, I can add mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to that list! Even though my role will change as we become part of a larger organization, the seven leadership lessons I wrote about in my Forbes article still apply.

Here is a quick snapshot of the seven lessons:

  1. Be curious by asking questions to learn from others and seeking new experiences.
  2. Stay flexible enough to adapt to new situations.
  3. Work hard and stay focused by envisioning how completing the task will impact the business and measuring progress along the way.
  4. Protect personal pursuits to maintain balance.
  5. Go outside your job title to expand your experience and skills.
  6. Help everyone, no matter what the subject is. It will make people more inclined to ask for your help, which opens the door to more new learning opportunities.
  7. Fail fast and move on based on the information you have now to stay innovative. Most business decisions are reversible, and you can learn a lot from bad decisions.

At the end of the day, enjoy all your experiences and find ways to learn from them. If you can stay curious and flexible, you can grow as a leader.

Read my full Forbes article “Seven Leadership Lessons, As Told By A CEO”

Srinagesh Vitthanala

Srinagesh Vitthanala

As the CEO at Bright Funds, Sri is responsible for driving the vision, strategy, and execution. Prior to joining Bright Funds, he was Vice President, Software Development at Financial Engines, where he oversaw investment management platforms, managing over $120 billion in assets. He is an enthusiastic hiker and loves to travel all around the world.