5 Ways to Make Volunteering Work for You

Volunteering at a soup kitchen isn’t for everyone. And that’s Ok. Channeling your individual energy into maximum impact is about choosing something that motivates you.

Below are 5 ways to give your time for good:

  • Skills-based volunteering: If you are a programmer, you can mentor others who are looking to gain skills in your field. If you’re a social media manager, share your expertise to help a nonprofit maximize their reach. Check out Taproot and Catchafire to find ways to build capacity for nonprofits and social change organizations with the skills you have.


  • Mobilize your company’s internal “do good” team: Create a space for people to share their ideas and leverage opportunities to plan a company outing, bring volunteerism into the office, host a donation drive or a Lunch and Learn speaker series, and more!


  • Earning to give: Some people take higher-paying jobs that demand more of their time, or work side gigs, to donate more of their income with the belief that this can do more good than spending their individual time volunteering.


  • Joining a nonprofit board: This is a great way to champion a specific cause area and help expand the network of donors and the community around a particular nonprofit.


  • One-off volunteering: Still very much worthwhile! One-off volunteering is about making real-life human connections, meeting people, and sharing stories. Nonprofits often express that sharing their work and their mission with your network is a huge help to them.


People find meaning in different ways, and there are many opportunities to leverage your intrinsic desire to do good in the world. What’s most important is that you are being true to what is meaningful to you, and giving back in a way that lights your fire.

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