August - October Giving Calendar

MonthAwareness Day/EventStart DateEnd DateCause AreaReferenceRelated FundHashtag
August[Month] Back to School8/18/31Education and Youth Development, #BackToSchoolMonth
August[Month] Psoriasis Awareness8/18/31Health and Nutrition, #PsoriasisAwarenessMonth
August[Month] National Immunization Awareness8/18/31Health and Nutrition, #NationalAwarenessMonth
August[Month] Minority Donor Awareness8/18/31Other, #MinorityAwarenessMonth
AugustNational Night Out Against Crime8/38/3Community Services
AugustInternational Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples8/98/9Other, #IndigenousDay
AugustWorld Lion Day8/108/10Animals and the Environment
AugustInternational Youth Day8/128/12Education and Youth Development, #WorldYouthDay
AugustWorld Elephant Day8/128/12Animals and the Environment
AugustNational Nonprofit Day8/178/17Other#NationalNonprofitDay
AugustWorld Humanitarian Day8/198/19Other
AugustWorld Orangutan Day8/198/19Animals and the Environment
AugustInternational Homeless Animals Day –(Third Saturday of August)8/218/21Animals and the Environment#HomelessAnimalsDay, #InternationalHomelessAnimalsDay
AugustNational Honey Bee Day –(Third Saturday of August)8/218/21Animals and the Environment, #HoneyBeeDay
AugustWorld Senior Citizen’s Day8/218/21Community Services's_Day#WorldSeniorCitizensDay
AugustWomen’s Equality Day8/268/26Other's_Equality_Day
AugustNational Dog Day8/268/26Animals and the Environment
AugustInternational Bat Night8/288/29Animals and the Environment
AugustInternational Whale Shark Day8/308/30Animals and the Environment, #InternationalWhaleSharkDay
September[Month] Childhood Cancer Awareness9/19/30Health and Nutrition
September[Month] Prostate Cancer Awareness9/19/30Health and Nutrition
September[Month] Ovarian Cancer Awareness9/19/30Health and Nutrition
September[Month] Hunger Action9/19/30Community Services
September[Month] National Childhood Obesity Awareness9/19/30Health and Nutrition
September[Month] Wilderness9/19/30Animals and the Environment
September[Month] Cleanup9/19/30Animals and the Environment
September[Month] National Disaster Preparedness9/19/30Community Services, #DisastersDontWait
September[Month] National Food Safety Education9/19/30Health and Nutrition, #FoodSafety
September[Month] Fruit and Veggies—More Matters9/19/30Health and Nutrition, #FruitsandVeggiesMonth
September[Month] National Yoga Awareness9/19/30Health and Nutrition
September[Month] Whole Grains9/19/30Health and Nutrition
SeptemberInternational Day of Charity9/59/5Other, #WorldCharityDay
SeptemberInternational Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies9/79/7Animals and the Environment, #CleanAirForBlueSkies
SeptemberInternational Literacy Day9/89/8Education and Youth Development
September[Month] Hispanic Heritage9/1510/15Other
SeptemberWorld Patient Safety Day9/179/17Health and Nutrition
September[WE] Clean Up the World (Third weekend in Sept.)9/179/19Animals and the Environment,, #CleanupDay
SeptemberCoastal Cleanup Day9/189/18Animals and the Environment
SeptemberWorld Water Monitoring Day9/189/18Animals and the Environment, #WaterMonitoringDay
SeptemberIntl Red Panda Day – 3rd Sat of Sept9/189/18Animals and the Environment, #IRPD2021, #RedPandaDay
September[Week] Pollution Prevention9/199/24Animals and the Environment
September[Week] Sea Otter Awareness (Last Week of Sept)9/199/25Animals and the Environment, #SeaOtter
SeptemberInternational Day of Peace9/219/21Other, #InternationalDayofPeace
SeptemberZero Emissions Day9/219/21Animals and the Environment
SeptemberWorld Rhino Day9/229/22Animals and the Environment
SeptemberNational Public Lands Day9/259/25Animals and the Environment
SeptemberWorld Environmental Health Day9/269/26Animals and the Environment
SeptemberWorld Rivers Day – fourth Sunday in Sept9/269/26Animals and the Environment
SeptemberUniversal Access to Information Day9/289/28Other
SeptemberWorld Heart Day9/299/29Health and Nutrition
October[Month] Disability Employment Awareness10/110/31Other
October[Month] Breast Cancer Awareness10/110/31Health and Nutrition
October[Month] Bullying Prevention10/110/31Education and Youth Development
October[Month] Domestic Violence Awareness10/110/31Community Services;
October[Month] National Arts & Humanities10/110/31Arts and Culture
October[Month] Black History Month (U.K.)10/110/31Other
October[Month] Bat Appreciation10/110/31Animals and the Environment
October[Month] National Animal Safety and Protection10/110/31Animals and the Environment
October[Month] National Family & Work10/110/31Other
October[Month] LGBT History Month10/110/31Other;
OctoberInternational Day of Older Persons10/110/1Other
OctoberInternational Raccoon Appreciation Day10/110/1Animals and the Environment
OctoberWorld Smile Day10/110/1Other
OctoberWorld Vegetarian Day10/110/1Health and Nutrition;
OctoberWorld Farmed Animals Day10/210/2Animals and the Environment
October[Week] Mental Illness Awareness10/310/9Health and Nutrition
OctoberWorld Animal Day10/410/4Animals and the Environment
OctoberWorld Habitat Day (First Mon in Oct)10/410/4Animals and the Environment
OctoberWorld Teacher’s Day10/510/5Education and Youth Development
OctoberBadger Day10/610/6Animals and the Environment
OctoberEnergy Efficiency Day10/610/6Other
OctoberWorld Octopus Day10/810/8Animals and the Environment
OctoberWorld Mental Health Day10/1010/10Health and Nutrition
OctoberInternational Day for Disaster Reduction10/1310/13Other
OctoberWorld Food (Security) Day10/1610/16Health and Nutrition
OctoberInternational Day for the Eradication of Poverty10/1710/17Other
October[Week] Wolf Awareness Week (Third week in Oct)10/1710/23Animals and the Environment
OctoberInternational Sloth Day10/2010/20Animals and the Environment
OctoberReptile Awareness Day10/2110/21Animals and the Environment
OctoberWorld Snow Leopard Day10/2310/23Animals and the Environment
October[Week] Bat Appreciation10/2410/31Animals and the Environment
OctoberUnited Nations Day10/2410/24Other
OctoberNational Cat Day10/2910/29Animals and the Environment;

Cause areas to NTEE mappings

1. Animals and the Environment = NTEE major code C, D
2. Education and Youth Development = NTEE major code B
3. Health and Nutrition = NTEE major code E, F, G, H
4. Arts and Culture = NTEE major code A
5. Community Services = NTEE major code I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, W
6. Other = all other NTEE codes